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Optimum summer living can be easily achieved by following a few breezy Feng Shui principles.

#1.  Turn on Your Fan to Get Turned On

Still air in your space, especially in your bedroom, represents a stagnant love life.  Install a nice-looking ceiling fan or pick up a cute tabletop version to keep your romance hot.

#2.  Fix Your Leaks

If you have an outdoor hose or spigot that drips, get it repaired asap.  Leaks cause loss of money as they are said to represent wealth washing away from you.

#3.  Store Your Winter Gear

Having out-of-season items in your space represents being stuck in the past.  The way to move forward in your life is to pack up your sweaters and stow your skis. 

#4.  Get Festive with Orange 

If you want your barbecues to be filled with friends and your porch to be a lively place, pops of orange are in order.  Orange is said to be the color of socialization.  So set the table with accents in that color to make your shindig a success.

#5.  Add Décor to Your Door

Having seasonal ornamentation on your outer door represents being in sync with the Earth’s cycles.  Swap out the dried flowers that you hung in the spring for a wreath of fruit or a colorful kite this summer. 

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