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As January wraps up, there’s been plenty of talk about eating clean and natural foods. And in terms of interior design, 2018 is also shaping up to be the year of keeping it clean and natural.  We’re going back to the basics, embracing natural materials, soft lines, and artisanal crafts. But that doesn’t mean we can’t add a splash of flavor!

Curved Couches. Who said couches need to be rectangular? This year, we’re seeing a softer shape in seating. You can make a statement with a bold print or keep it subtle with a neutral fabric. Either way, your guests are sure to appreciate the more comfortable setting a curvy couch provides.

Statement Lampshades. Statement lampshades have officially arrived, and they’re such an easy way to inject energy into a room! With lots of different options available for any budget, it’s yet another source of color and personality. And because of their small scale, they can work with even the simplest aesthetics.

Velvet. 2018 is the year of velvet. In 2017, we saw it start popping up in home stores after making its debut on the runways, and from the looks of it, this plush fabric is not going anywhere anytime soon.  From throw pillows to wall decorations, velvet adds a luxe element to your look, but we’re most excited about experimenting with it in new and unexpected ways.

Geometric Shapes. Geometric shapes are dominating this year. Best of all, it’s a trend can be embraced in just about any setting. If the bold versions leave you feeling overwhelmed but you still want to give the look a go, try softer circles or a smaller size. But whatever you do, don’t automatically discount it – we’re already seeing some great art that will make any wall more hip.

Woven Textures. Woven storage containers and baskets are a fun way to introduce new textures to a room. They add to your decor while stashing away your not-so-sightly items (hello legos and remote controls!!) Woven textures are not only on trend, they’re an especially versatile choice given their subtlety and versatility.

These are the trends we’re looking forward to embracing in 2018. Which one are you most excited about?  

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