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If you thought 2018 was an exciting year with all the velvet, jewel tones, and curved sofas, then 2019 will not disappoint. In terms of design, all roads are continuing to point to an eclectic, looser style. From vintage pieces and warmer colors to worn metals and exciting prints, we’re seeing unexpected designs come to life. Here are a few that are really inspiring!

Image via CB2

Canopy beds

No more low, minimal platform beds! Inspired by the world of hospitality, designers are helping us bring that lush, giant hotel bed home. Maybe it’s the additional security that comes with a four-poster, but we’re feeling comfort on a whole new level.

Image via Forbes

Earth tones

We’ve already seen a lot of earth tones in mid-century pieces, but in 2019 they’ll be expanding to all decor styles and pushing everything else aside. So long cool grays! From the sandy beige tones to the burnt oranges, we’re feeling pretty groovy.


Yes, we are still hot for velvet! This plush fabric has been, and continues to be, oh so popular for everything from throw pillows and blankets to sofas and chairs. Kill two trends with one touch by trying a velvet piece in a trendy jewel tone for a dramatically luxe look!

Image via Elle Decor

Low pile rugs

What’s not to like about a low pile rug? The flat weave allows for easy clean up, clears the door, and doesn’t get marked up from the furniture. And you can rest easy knowing these rugs are mostly made from natural fibers. No more knotted shag rugs capturing all that unwanted bacteria!   

These are just a few of the trends we’re looking forward to experimenting with in 2019, but we’ve got a bunch more. Check back next week for Part II. And don’t forget to let us know which ones you’re most excited about!  Share it with us here or on our our Facebook page!

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