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Oh, the emotional rollercoaster that is Queer Eye. We laugh, we cry, we are obsessed. Have you seen it yet? If not, queue up that DVR! Every one of the new Fab 5 is fantastic, but Bobby Berk inspires us every season with his time crunch home makeovers. With limited aesthetic direction and only one week to deliver a completed design project, Berk continuously executes jaw-dropping renovations. Here are some of our favorites!

Image via House Beautiful.

Down on the Farm

In season 4 Berk was introduced to a recent divorcé who was very set in his ways. Never left his property, neglected to care for himself or his home. A casual farmer, he worshiped his plaid patterns. So, Berk transformed his living room into a cozy, rustic-chic space where he can sit down, relax, and entertain. We love the use of textures and the woodgrain wallpaper to give the room an enhanced farmhouse feel.

Image via Bobby Berk.

When Robert Met Jamie

In season 3, Robert’s soon-to-be wife, Jamie, wanted their wedding week to be all about him. That’s where Berk came in. Guided by its original brass detailed fireplace, Berk modernized their space by incorporating a chevron-style wood accent wall around the mantel. Doing so not only brought a lot of warmth and texture to the room, but the split-tone wall created the illusion of higher ceilings. We’ll have what she’s having!

Image via Dwell.

Elrod and Sons

The Fab 5 came together for one of the most impactful makeovers in Queer Eye history. Heartbroken by the loss of their mother and needing a fresh start, Berk set to work to lift the family’s spirits. He transformed their Scandinavian inspired space by adding some elements of glam and industrial throughout. How amazing are those blue-painted mouldings?

Functionality at its Best

Another season 4 epic episode revolved around Wesley who in 2012 was paralyzed from the waist down. Incapable of completing ordinary tasks without the help of his mother since. Berk created a space where Wesley can live an independent life, making Wesley’s new bachelor pad wheelchair accessible. We love how Berk used dark wood tones and modern textural elements to give the space a masculine, timeless design.

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