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In a continuation from last post here are 5 more common interior design disasters and how to fix them:

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Right-sized Rug

Are you scratching your head when it comes to choosing the right rug size? You’re not alone. Here is a rule of thumb: to define a zone, you want the front legs of the major furniture pieces, from the sofa to the armchairs, to be on the rug. Easy, right? And, take note if the rug will be in the way of a door opening. If so, you want to do the “Toe Test.” If your big toe fits under your doorway, so will your rug. If not, find a rug with a lower pile.

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To Paint, or Not To Paint—When Is The Question

Don’t select paint until after you’ve have selected your furnishings! Why you ask? Because there are infinitely more paint colors (hello, Benjamin Moore!) than there are fabric/finishing options. It is a lot easier to find a paint color to match the fabrics and finishes, than the other way around. Trust us.

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The Matchy-matchy Game

Boring! It’s common when decorating to choose too much of one color. Betsy like to use the 60/30/10 rule as outlined in her book, “Big Design, Small Budget.” Here’s how to do that: pick three main colors for the room, then use one 60% of the time, one 30% and the other 10%. By using this formula, your room will look layered and interesting.

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Another sure way to bore is to have all the furniture in your room hug the walls. We say, branch out! Create interesting zones. You don’t have to have every piece in the room plastered against the walls. Bring the furniture in a defined zone closer together. This will create a cohesive flow to the room, making it more inviting and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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Light it Right

If rugs are confusing, lighting is confounding! Let us make it simpler: table lamps should not be taller than the table it is placed on and chandeliers should be hung 30-36” above the dining room table. When in doubt, it is always best to scale down with lighting fixtures! 

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