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We’re all about affordable (it is in our name, after all!) and one of the most affordable ways to do decor is DIY. On top of that, how about DIY you can use again? Talk about double duty. Here are 5 great DIY Halloween decor ideas you can reuse for Thanksgiving:

Image via HGTV

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Hollow out a pumpkin and use it to serve candy. Cute, inexpensive, festive, and way better than an ordinary bowl. Then buy a second at Thanksgiving and use that one for a centerpiece. Fill it with acorns, or how about a pumpkin candle for a little mood lighting?

Image via Crafts Unleashed

Let There Be Light

Dress up a lantern with creepy cobwebs and plastic spiders for Halloween, then transition the lantern for Thanksgiving! The same pumpkin candle from above will work, or for a kitschy look try plastic turkeys and a Thanksgiving-themed bow.

Image via Knock Off Decor

Chalk It Up

If you don’t already have a chalkboard laying around the house, they’re easy to find and inexpensive. They’re a great way to decorate for any holiday. They might even be the most versatile DIY decoration out there. Use different colored chalk, like orange for Halloween and green for Thanksgiving to write your messages of holiday cheer.

Pumpkin Glam

Pumpkins don’t have to be orange! Paint yours off-white and add some rhinestones and yours is ready for the holidays. Try a witches hat for Halloween, then a new bedazzled message and turkey-themed bow for Thanksgiving.


How cute are these ghost mason jars? Just grab some wooden sticks and cheesecloth and you’re in business. For Thanksgiving use the jars for floral centerpieces, or fill them up with magical treasures from nature.

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