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Hop in your DeLorean, and let’s floor it back to the tubular 1980s—a radical era where maximalism dominated the scene, from power suits and mega-perms to synth-pop and VHS classics. Fast-forward to today, and you’ll find the exuberant vibes of 80s interior design making a comeback. How do you incorporate this look into your own space? We’ve got some tips:

The Allure of the 80s Palette

In the 80s, designers didn’t shy away from bold, eye-catching colors. Think electric blues, flamingo pinks, and neon greens. These shades were combined in exciting, sometimes even daring, ways to create spaces that oozed enthusiasm and optimism.

How to Incorporate It Today:

  • DIY Tip: Paint a room in a bold 80s hue like magenta or turquoise for a pop of 80s color.

Image: Wow 1 Day Paint

Geometric Goodness

From rugs and curtains to furniture and wall art, geometric patterns were everywhere. Zigzags, squiggles, and all forms of abstract shapes helped define this decade’s design aesthetic.

How to Incorporate It Today:

  • DIY Tip: For an affordable update, use geometric patterned removable wallpaper or decals to jazz up a small area like a reading nook or powder room.

Image: Walmart

Named after a Bob Dylan song, Memphis design was an Italian movement that broke away from the “less is more” philosophy. Memphis furniture pieces often had asymmetrical shapes, laminate patterns, and a clash of materials and colors.

How to Incorporate It Today:

  • DIY Tip: Look for Memphis-inspired accessories like vases or table lamps to bring an 80s vibe without committing to larger pieces.

Image: Hommes Studio

The Neon and Mirrored Love Affair

Nothing says 80s like neon lights and mirrored surfaces. While neon brought nightlife into the living room, mirrors expanded spaces and added a touch of glamour.

How to Incorporate It Today:

  • DIY Tip: Add a neon wall mirror with a fun shape to your living space. Pair it with a mirrored coffee table or mirror-framed artwork to complete the 80s look.

Image: Burke Design

Futuristic Meets Retro

The 80s were obsessed with the future. Think glass tables, metallic finishes, and high-tech (for that time) gadgets like cordless phones. These futuristic elements were blended with retro details from past decades for balance.

How to Incorporate It Today:

  • DIY Tip: Use chrome or metallic spray paint to give some of your current furniture an 80s futuristic appeal.

Image: Wayfair

The Comeback of 80s Design in Modern Homes

Today, the 80s aesthetic is returning, but with a refined sensibility. We see this resurgence in the popularity of eclectic styles, where homeowners mix vintage elements with contemporary pieces. The Netflix series “Stranger Things” and the rise of synth-wave music have also played their part in reviving interest in 80s culture, including its distinctive interior design.

How to Incorporate It Today:

  • DIY Tip: Blend your 80s-inspired elements with modern minimalist pieces to keep your home from looking like a time capsule.

Image: The Spruce

The 1980s were undoubtedly a vibrant and dynamic decade, especially in interior design. While the period had its share of design faux pas, many of its trends have endured and found new life in contemporary settings. So, why not embrace the audacious spirit of the 80s and bring some of its iconic style into your home?

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