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Let’s face it: hallways often get the short end of the stick. Our hallway styling tips can turn this often-overlooked area into a statement of style and functionality. Because when it gets down to it, doesn’t the space that carries you through your living areas deserve its moment to shine? Here’s how to turn your hallway into a captivating corridor that not only links your living spaces but also reflects your personal flair and taste:

Evaluate the Space

Before hanging artwork or mirrors, do a quick test to determine the practicality. If your hallway is too narrow, hanging frames or art might not be ideal, as they could easily get knocked down when passing by. A simple and fun way to test this is the “Chicken Test.” If you can stand in your hallway and spread your arms without touching the walls, you’re good to go for hanging art!

Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Consider a Runner

A long and colorful runner can add visual interest and comfort underfoot in your hallway. Leave a bit of floor space on either side of the runner, making the hallway seem wider and more spacious. This hallway styling tip is a simple fix that also has the benefit of protecting your floors.

Image: Studio McGee

Architectural Details

Adding wainscoting, shiplap, or paneling can give character and texture to your hallway, turning it into a space that demands attention. Though not the easiest or cheapest solution, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment for the aesthetic value it adds to your home.

Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors can create the illusion of a larger space, and they are a functional addition as well. If your hallway is on the narrow side, consider insetting the mirrors into existing paneling or wainscoting, avoiding protruding edges that can be bumped while walking through.

Image: Pottery Barn

Accentuate the End of the Hallway

Draw the eye to the end of the hallway by creating a focal point. You can hang a large piece of artwork, place a stylish chair with a small side table, or paint the end wall a vibrant, contrasting color to make the hallway appear longer and more spacious.

Image: Savvy Apron

Fall Hallway Styling Tips

For fall decorating in the hallway:

  • Use Autumnal Hues: Incorporate fall colors such as orange, red, and yellow in the runner, artwork, or wall paint. You can also add these colors using small accessories like vases or frames.
  • Add Warm Lighting: Warm lighting can make the hallway feel cozier. Consider adding a small table or floor lamp at the end of the hallway or string lights along the wainscoting.
  • Incorporate Natural Elements: Place fall flowers, pumpkins, or dried leaves in vases or baskets along the hallway. You can also hang a wreath of autumn leaves on the doors or walls.
  • Layer Textures: Add warm, textured fabrics in your hallway. Consider a woven runner or throw some rich fabric throws over an accent chair.
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Image: She Gave It a Go

Use these hallway styling tips to realize that even the humble passageway can be a canvas for your creativity and style. 

Ready for a design makeover? Connect with our design team. Together, we’ll transform your hallway (or any space in your home) into something beautiful.

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