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In this episode, I answer a question about where to find nursery decor on a budget. 

If you have questions for me, make sure to submit them here. I’m currently on maternity leave but will be popping in once a month to batch answer your questions. 


This episode, we discuss…

[02:18] Finding nursery decor on a budget (Jenny) 



What are your favorite places to find nursery decor on a budget? We already have the big furniture pieces picked out but are struggling to find the smaller pieces to complete our french country inspired or “grand millennial” baby girl nursery. To give you an example of the vibes I am going for, I have attached some photos of the Love Shack Fancy x Pottery Barn Kids line that I am currently saving up for.


Thank you for introducing me to this new style Jenny because I had never heard of grand millennial style. I had, however, heard of this style that also goes by the name granny chic is what it is also sometimes referred to. Basically it combines more traditional homey style pieces with modern elements so it’s not sleek or overly modern but it embraces some outdated elements like China patterns, floral patterns, prints that kind of thing, but also introduces some pieces that don’t feel like throwbacks that don’t feel like grandma’s house, so that it feels a little bit fresher and more contemporary. I love this style. I love the look you’re going for.

The pictures that you’ve sent me from this Pottery Barn line have like gold ribbons. It has a lot of cream and ivory and filigree and beading on the mirrors. There’s just lots of ornate detail there’s ruffles on the bed. There’s like a beautiful organza kind of netting. There’s wallpaper, there’s intricate crystals on sconces. So guys, if you can kind of put yourself back in that world. Think like Laura Ashley. Everything old comes back again.

I find that it’s very limiting when looking for nursery pieces. You could do the big ones like Pottery Barn Kids. I also like Pottery Barn Teen, believe it or not, they have a lot of things that really span the generations that are fun. So I find artwork and accessories and bathmats that work for nurseries, as well as for adult rooms. Then, of course, you could look at Restoration Hardware’s Kids line, which I think would have a lot of things in this vein, but would really be a budget buster. 

When I’m shopping for kids and nurseries, I look at Crate and Kids and West Elm kids but overall, I’m just generally disappointed when looking for kid stuff. I find that there’s not a huge selection, or it looks too baby or it’s just not all that inspired so I tend to decide what I’m looking for in advance. 

Say I’ve created the color palette with my inspiration piece just like I did in my daughter’s nursery. I’m reusing the rug from our primary bedroom in our last home, because I already had it in this room when it was my art room. I liked the rug and it was expensive, and it’s a perfect fit. Even though the texture is very low pile, I wish I had something a little more delicate in there, but it’s fine because I really love the colors. We’ve got teal, navy, hot pink, and it’s got like this vintage or worn Persian pattern on it. I think it’s a great inspiration piece. 

Then I also wound up using gold, but I just used a regular dresser that I found on Wayfair that was white with some intricate detailing on the drawer fronts and gold poles. And then I put on a white changing topper that just screws on to the back so when she no longer needs to be changed, you can just take it off, and it looks like a normal dresser. Then I did some navy blackout curtains that have a gold geometric detailing in them. So I didn’t get the dresser or drapes at any kind of kids store, because they aren’t necessarily kid items. In terms of artwork or light fixtures, again, I had my color palette from the rug. 

I was looking for macrame because I thought that would be really cute and it’s something that’s soft, because if you’re putting something above a crib or above a changing table, you want if the baby reaches up and pulls or kicks, that if it did fall, it would not hurt them. I got this amazing macrame and I literally just googled teal, macrame wall hanging. Then I wanted something above the changing table and I just googled hot pink, navy and teal artwork, because I already knew the color palette. 

When I was looking around at these other kids’ style places, it’s like little farm animals, or you know, little dainty initials and it just didn’t vibe with what I was looking for. So if you just decide in advance, I need a mirror. I need a bookcase. It really limits the amount of shopping you have to do at a kid’s place. 

When you type this in, you may find it even cheaper incorporating actual antiques like I have done around here using I found a ton of amazing gilded mirrors, things that really look like the images that you’re showing me, but I got like this amazing gilded mirror that’s an antique for above my record cabinet in the family room, and I spent $17. I probably spent more in gas going 45 minutes each way to pick it up.

I think the takeaway here guys, is when you’re shopping for a crib, when you’re shopping for, crib sheets, when you’re shopping for these things, it can be a great idea to just put in the color, if you’ve already created the color palette, or just put in the word like floral drapes, pale pink and mint green and then things will pop up from all different websites. I find that there aren’t a lot of kid websites that I’m super into that embrace very interesting and diverse styles, you kind of have to go with what’s super popular right now, or you’re not going to find anything. So I really prefer to cast a wide net, and instead really decide in advance the drapes will be navy and I know they’re going to be blackout so I can just put the exact words that I want in the Google search bar and see the results come up that way. That’s my piece of advice. 








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