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As the amber leaves whirl outside our windows, we can’t help but think about the design trends we love for fall 2023. Swirling mosaics of warm, earthy tones mirror the world outdoors, and natural materials like timber, stone, and jute make their way to center stage. Subtle curves, vintage foundations, and gridded patterns ground our spaces. Let’s delve deeper; here’s a look at six of our faves for fall 2023:

2023 Fall Design Trend 1: Warm, Earthy Tones

We love sage, olive, and whispers of blue warmed with autumn undertones. We’re also seeing a lot of sun-baked pinks and tans. These blend beautifully with warm ivory and soft pumice, evoking a sense of comfort in our interiors this fall. Ivory promises to be the popular shade, gracing walls, comforting bed linens, and plush upholstered sanctuaries. It’s sumptuous and inviting and acts as the perfect neutral backdrop in our spaces.

Image: Homes&Gardens

2023 Fall Design Trend 2: Natural Elements

This season, there’s a noticeable tilt towards organic textures. Think natural wood and bold, contrasting stone finishes. The trend? Keep it as close to its raw state as possible. Such elements nod to the natural world outside and seamlessly usher in an outdoor serenity to our interiors—a design direction gaining momentum among enthusiasts.

Image: Arhaus

2023 Fall Design Trend 3: Luxe Fabrications

As the thermometer drops, our interiors are dialing up the heat! Luxurious, textured finishes add that much-needed warmth and flair to spaces. Got velvet? It’s claiming its throne in the upholstery world this fall, turning rooms into cozy retreats one cushion at a time. And plush wool rugs—still trending in inviting neutral tones. While we’ll see these sumptuous textures boldly gracing larger pieces, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy them. Swap your accent pillows or add a cozy throw, and you’re right on the trend.

Image: Pottery Barn

2023 Fall Design Trend 4: Go Vintage

Quality over quantity. We’re giving a big thumbs up to top-notch materials built to stand the test of time with a sprinkle of eco-consciousness on top. The hunt is on for those vintage modern treasures that fuse lasting value with iconic appeal. It’s not just about buying; it’s about investing in the long game.


2023 Fall Design Trend 5: Curvy Pieces

Another trend we’re loving is furniture and decor with soft, muted curves. It’s all about designs with graceful fluidity and a sprinkle of surprise. The result? Spaces that exude tranquility and simply invite you to linger a bit longer.


2023 Fall Design Trend 6: Griding 

While subtle curves have been making waves, simple gridded patterns are another trend quietly stealing the spotlight. More than just color, it’s texture that’s giving these patterns their moment. They bring a pinch of architectural finesse to rooms, serving as a visual anchor amid more free-flowing designs.

Image: West Elm

Ready to embrace the latest in fall 2023 design trends? We’d love to help. Connect with our design team and let the transformation begin.

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