1-Room Makeover

New style, new pieces—in 2 weeks! Transform 3 rooms in your home today.

Your Free Consult Call

Pick a time for your free consult call with us.

During this 15-minute welcome call, our pro answers your questions and customizes the plan to your project.

Then she books your home visit so your transformation can begin!

Your Home Visit

One of our expert designers visits your home and creates the perfect layout for 1 room (up to 300 sq. ft.)

During the house call, our designer works with you to:

  • decide which furniture pieces you’d like to reuse/replace

  • determine artwork placement and window treatments

  • make a list of up to 8 furnishings needed for the design

Shop & Save

Back at the office, your designer shops virtually for the pieces.

The list includes links to pieces from specific stores–all within your budget.

Your designer also creates a mood board to help you visualize the transformation.

You also get 100% access to our trade discounts with this plan—on average 1-Room Makeover clients save $1,000+!*

The Reveal

2 weeks after your visit, you’ll see your design!

During the Reveal Call, your designer:

  • reveals your itemized shopping list

  • presents your custom mood board

  • presents your drafted floor plan

  • sources optional items based on your feedback


Your home’s custom design roadmap is complete with:

  • an ideal furniture layout for your room

  • a click ‘n’ buy shopping list detailing the perfect furnishings within your budget

  • a mood board that brings it all together

You have everything you need to bring your design to life!

The Follow-Up

We are here for you along the way! When you’re ready, hop on the phone for the 30-min. Follow-Up Call.

During the call, you and your designer:

  • share your progress and “after” pics

  • find options for certain pieces

  • online shop to find perfect finishing touche

*Savings amount is based on the clients’ budgets and the stores they shopped. Check out all of our discounts here.

In compliance with state law, sales tax is charged on all services.

If you miss, cancel, or change your design appointment less than 72 hours in advance, you will be charged a fee of $50.